Are You Remotely Interested? Conference 2020

Murtupuni - Gather up, muster up!

"Murtupuni" is the Kalkadoon word for 'coming together', 'muster up' or 'get together'

"Are You Remotely Interested...?" 2020 Virtual Conference

James Cook University, Centre for Rural and Remote Health's (CRRH) 10th biennial conference in the “Are You Remotely Interested...?” series, was held virtually from Mount Isa on Wednesday 30th September and Thursday 1st October, 2020.  The theme for this conference was building on the past work in realising remote possibilities and promising practices, and what we have learnt so for from pandemic responses. We also celebrated WHO's International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, 2020.

The AYRI 2020 Virtual Conference has been approved by ACRRM as an accredited professional development program.

ACRRM ID: 21213
Class name: 10th Biennial Are You Remotely Interested Conference - Mount Isa - 30/09/2020 - 01/10/2020

AYRI Conference, Day 1

Official Conference Welcome

Professor Sabina Knight facilitated this AYRI 2020 Virtual Conference. This video includes Professor Knight's official conference opening, Kalkadoon Elder Aunty Karen West and her granddaughter Tyler's Welcome to Country, and WHO Chief Nurse Elizabeth Iro's introduction to the nursing panel.

International Year of the Nurse Nursing Panel

To celebrate the International Year of the Nurse, our nursing panel discussed Australian rural nursing issues. The nursing panel session was chaired by the newly appointed CEO of CATSINaM, Professor Roianne West.

Panelists included Dr Lynore Geia, Adjunct Associate Professor Renee Blackman, Dr Isabelle Skinner, Adjunct Professor Shelley Nowlan, Adjunct Associate Professor Michelle Garner, Katie Pennington, Katherine Ibister, Professor Melanie Birks, and Professor Jane Mills.

Nursing Now Campaign

Nursing Now is a global campaign between the WHO, the International Council of Nurses, and Burdett Trust for Nursing. The intent is to raise the status of nursing worldwide by investing in all aspects of nursing. This campaign is presented by Dr Barbara Stillwell.

Keynote Speaker 1 - Associate Professor Emily Flores

Associate Professor Emily Flores, Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy, East Tennessee State University speaking and chat moderated by Selina Taylor, Rural Pharmacy Academic with CRRH.

Official Conference Opening - Hon Mark Coulton MP

Officially opening the AYRI Conference 2020 is Hon Mark Coulton MP, Minister for Regional Health, Regional Communications and Local Government. 

Keynote Speaker 2 - Penny Shakespeare

Keynote Speaker 2 Penny Shakespeare is the Deputy Secretary of the Health Resourcing Group and her session chat moderator is Shaun Solomon, Head of Indigenous Health at CRRH.

Scientific Programs - Allied Health Outcomes

Presenting on Allied Health and Health Outcomes are;

-Danielle Rodda, Francis Wymarra and Alice Cairns - Feasibility and acceptability of a community rehabilitation and lifestyle service in the Cape York.

-Victoria Williams and Kirsten Russell - How does a remote Health Team implement a localized multi-disciplinary service to intro-dialysis individuals?

-Isabelle Skinner and Jennifer Elson - "Smart Feet" to support client centered high risk foot management in Mount Isa.

-Students Geordie Meekin and John Xiong, Supervisors - Doctor Karen Carlisle and Mary O'Loughlin - Exploring Oral Health Literacy levels of Rural Teens in Far North Queensland.

Allied Health and Health Outcomes chat is moderated by Chief Allied Health Officer at Queensland Health Liza -Jane McBride.

Keynote Speaker 3 - Haylene Grogan

Haylene Grogan is the Chief Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Officer and Deputy Director-General at Queensland Health and the session chat is moderated by Associate Professor Catrina Felton-Bush, Head of Education at CRRH.

Scientific Programs - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Our Scientific Programs session Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health includes;

-Stories of Improvement - factors impacting quality improvement within Indigenous PHC services -Presented by Kristina Vine, Heather Lee, Sarah Larkins. Contributions by Michelle Redman-Maclaren, Karen Carlisle, Nalita Turner, Judy Taylor, Talah Laurie and Veronica Matthews.

-Two way learning and listening to the stories of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women: A qualitative study of facilitation skills in participatory women's groups (PWGs) in regional and rural Australia - presented by Quitaysha Rose Thompson. Contributions by Catrina Felton -Busch, Karen Carlisle, Sarah Larkins, Judy Taylor, Veronica Matthews, Michelle Redman-MacLaren and Nalita Turner.

-The voices of Health Advocates in North West Queensland: Presented by Leann Shaw and Stephanie King. Contributions by Shaun Solomon and Stephanie M Topp.

-Mind that Gap: How the governance of Queensland's state-employed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers is failing: Presented by Associate Professor Stephanie M. Topp.

In this session the chat is moderated by Associate Professor Catrina Felton Busch, Head of Education at CRRH.

AYRI Conference, Day 2

Keynote Speaker 4 - Professor Keith McNeil, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Queensland

Professor Keith McNeil, CCIO Queensland Health - "The answer is Digital...but what's the question?" and the chat moderator for this session is Doctor Yaqoot Fatima.

Martin Rocks - Assistant Secretary, Health Workforce Training Branch - Australian Department of Health

Martin Rocks talks about the RHMT Program Evaluation and for this session, the chat moderator is Santosh Jatrana.

Scientific Programs - Health Workforce 1

Health Workforce 1;
-Optimizing the distribution of health professionals in rural and remote communities through outreach services- Presented by Aiden Hobbs, contributions by Cynthia Cliff, Reece Hinchcliffe, Christina Malatzky and Sheree Lloyd.
-Introducing Nursing and Paramedicine Students to Rural Inter professional Health Care- Presented by Ruth Davenport and Helen Goodwin, contributions by Kate Beyer, Jessica Jungmann, Toni Murray, Dayle Osborn and Flora Rolf.
-An Amazing way to lead into internship: Junior Doctors' perception of rural general practice in the Darling Downs- Presented by Doctor DiliP DhuPelia
-Rurally distributed General Practice Training- Presented by Professor Richard Hays, contributions by Raquel Peel, Louise Young, Carole Reeve, Katerina Kanakis, Bunmi Malau-Aduli and Tarun Sen Gupta.

In this session the chat is moderated by Chris Mitchell.

Scientific Program - Health Workforce 2

Health Workforce 2 

-The Rural Pharmacy Practice landscape - presented by Catherine Hays with contributions by Selina Taylor and Beverley Glass
-Primary care workforce and service gaps in remote Queensland: practitioner and manager perceptions - presented by David Wellman
-Scoping Project: North West Queensland inter-agency Allied Health workforce strategy presented by Robyn Adams with contributions by Ella Dunsford, Ilsa Nielsen and Sarah Venn

The session chat is moderated by John Smithson

Scientific Program - Health Workforce 3

This session includes;
-From interpersonal to organizational trust: The lost opportunity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers brokerage role -Presented by Stephanie M Topp with contributions by Josslyn Tully, Veronica Graham, Rachel Cummins and Sean Taylor.
-Interprofessional practice- embedding cultural and clinical ways of working -Presented by kylie Stothers and Tanja Hirvonen with contributions by Donna Murray, and Nicole Turner.
-Expanded Practice in Rural Community Pharmacy: a systematic review - Presented by Selina Taylor with Contributions by Doctor Alice Cairns and Professor Beverley Glass.
-Developing sleep health program for Indigenous youth - Presented by Doctor Yaqoot Fatima with contributions from Stephanie King, Doctor Sharon Varela and Shaun Solomon.
The session chat is moderated by Doctor Alice Cairns.

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations presented by Selina Taylor and John Smithson;
Pharmacists: an unrecognized asset in Aged Care - contributions by Chloe Rethamel, Selina Taylor and Beverley Glass.

Pharmacists impact on Indigenous Health Outcomes in Rural Australia - contributions by Yasmine Lindsay, Selina Taylor and Beverley Glass.

Keynote Speaker 5 - Associate Professor Ruth Stewart

Associate Professor Ruth Stewart, Rural Health Commissioner is speaking about what the New Office of the National Rural Health Commissioner is and what the Rural Health Commissioner does. The session chat is moderated by Helen Craig.

Keynote Speaker 6 - Professor Richard Murray

Professor Richard Murray, Dean of Medicine, James Cook University - GP Training Reform: Why Rural Workforce Must be the focus. This session chat is moderated by Helen Craig.

Keynote Speaker 7 - Professor Sabina Knight

Professor Sabina Knight, Director for the Centre for Rural and Remote Health, James Cook University and this session askes the question "Does the investment in rurally located nursing degrees translate to rural nursing workforce?". The session chat is moderated by Isabelle Skinner.

Keynote Speaker 8 - Kristine Battye

Kristine Battye, Director and Principal consultant - KBC Australia speaks about insights and opportunities for remote UDRHs and RCSs to improve their contribution to rural health workforce outcomes. The session is moderated by Isabelle Skinner.

COVID-19 Innovations

Geoff Argus - Southern Queensland Rural Health presents "student -led service innovation during the COVID-19 Pandemic". - The session chat is moderated by Professor Sabina Knight.

Building the Evidence Base - Lighting Round

Lightning round of presentations from;
Sally West, Kirsten Russell, Laura Wright and Doctor Sharon Varela.

Keynote Speaker 9 - Professor Ian Wronski

Professor Ian Wronski, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the Division of Tropical Health and Medicine at James Cook University and provides closing remarks for the AYRI Conference 2020.

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