Supervisor Training

Supervisor Training

For Psychologists and Allied Health Professionals

There are four parts to supervisor training. All training is developed by the CRRH, uses an IPE model of learning, and is open to any discipline. Psychologists will have to complete extra learning modules in Part 1 to meet Psychology Board of Australia (Board) requirements.

Psychologists wanting to become a Board approved supervisor will need to successfully complete parts 1 to 3 of the full training. Psychologists wanting to maintain your status as a Board approved supervisor will need to complete part 4 (Masterclass) every 5 years. The Board will send you the date for completion. You can complete either one or more Masterclasses to meet the boards requirements, or you can choose to complete part 2 of the full training as a general refresher.

Information about each of these parts is available below.


Full Supervisor Training

Part 1: Knowledge Assessment

Part 2: Skills Training Workshop

Part 3: Competency Based Assessment and Evaluation

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Masterclasses for Professional Supervisors

MC 1: Critical Reflection and Planning for Feedback in Supervision

MC 2: Supervising for Ethical Practice in Rural and Remote Settings

MC 3: Supervising Underperformance and Addressing Conduct/Professional Concerns

MC 4: Supervising Higher Degree Provisional Psychologists in a Regional, Rural and Remote Context     

MC 5: Supervising Provisional Psychologists Delivering Services in Remote Locations

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