Over the years, the Centre for Rural and Remote Health (CRRH) has amassed a large and diverse body of adjunct staff with extensive academic and professional experience across a range of health disciplines.

Our Adjunct staff represent the MCRRH locally and internationally to contribute greatly to the Centre’s research, teaching and training programs. 

Adjunct Lecturer Alan Sandford
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Amy O'Hara
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Andrea Miller
Adjunct Lecturer Andrew Hayward
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Ann Lord
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Ann Thomason
Adjunct Lecturer Chris Mitchell
Adjunct Associate Professor Christine Mann
Adjunct Associate Professor Christopher Bertolo
Adjunct Associate Professor Christopher King
Adjunct Lecturer Clare Walker
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dallas Leon
Adjunct Associate Professor Danielle Rodda
Adjunct Senior Lecturer David Rimmer
Adjunct Associate Professor David Walker
Adjunct Lecturer David Wellman
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dean Workman
Adjunct Associate Professor Deirdre Murphy
Adjunct Professor Desire Banda
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Don Bowley
Adjunct Lecturer Donna Murray
Adjunct Lecturer Eileen Kuruckchi
Adjunct Associate Professor Ella Dunsford
Adjunct Associate Professor Faye McMillan
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Fiona McKenzie Lewis
Adjunct Associate Professor Frances Harlow
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Francis Asomah
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Glory Butler
Adjunct Lecturer Jacqueline Montwill
Adjunct Research Associate Jacqueline Olley
Adjunct Lecturer Jamie Small
Adjunct Lecturer Jane Hancock
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Janelle Falconer
Adjunct Lecturer John Douyere
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Julia House
Adjunct Lecturer Julianne Parry
Adjunct Associate Professor Julie Sorrell
Adjunct Associate Professor Karen McLellan
Adjunct Lecturer Karen West
Adjunct Research Associate Kate Panaretto
Adjunct Associate Professor Kaye Smith
Adjunct Lecturer Keira McClelland
Adjunct Lecturer Kristine Battye
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Kylie Armstrong
Adjunct Lecturer Kylie Stothers
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Lawrence Brown
Adjunct Associate Professor Leeona West
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Lindy Swain
Adjunct Associate Professor Lisa Davies Jones
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Ludana Avery
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Lynette Stenhouse
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Lynn McLaren
Adjunct Lecturer Marilyn Hatcher
Adjunct Lecturer Marjad Page
Adjunct Lecturer Michelle Aniftos
Adjunct Associate Professor Michelle Garner
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Nadeem Siddiqui
Adjunct Associate Professor Nadish Kariyyawasam
Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Nicholas Cairns
Adjunct Associate Professor Prema Subramaniam
Adjunct Lecturer Rachael Seadon
Adjunct Lecturer Rahni Cotterill
Adjunct Associate Professor Renee Blackman
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Roianne West
Adjunct Associate Professor Sabina Orda
Adjunct Professor Sandy Campbell
Adjunct Lecturer Sandy Gillies
Adjunct Lecturer Sarah Jackson
Adjunct Research Fellow Sarah Keating
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Sarah Venn
Adjunct Lecturer Shannon Hope
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Sharon Declerck
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Sharon Malliband
Adjunct Associate Professor Shavindra Dias
Adjunct Lecturer Sigrid Tagaloa
Adjunct Lecturer Sophia Rodert
Adjunct Lecturer Stephen Duckett
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Stuart Gordon
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Tahnee Elliot
Adjunct Lecturer Timothy Skinner
Adjunct Lecturer Timothy West
Adjunct Senior Lecturer Tracey Weatherilt
Adjunct Associate Professor Ulrich Orda
Adjunct Lecturer Umayal Lakshman
Adjunct Professor Victoria Williams
Adjunct Lecturer Vilame Sotutu
Adjunct Lecturer Zena Martin nee Horton

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