The Centre for Rural and Remote Health is one of 15 University Departments of Rural Health [UDRH] across Australia, and nationally networked through the Australian Rural Health Education Network [ARHEN].

What do University Departments of Rural Health do?

Across Australia, UDRHs:

  • Provide clinical placements and teaching activities which deliver rich, authentic learning experiences, and prepare students for professional practice in distinctive remote and rural settings.
  • Undertake research focused on rural and remote problems and develop and test original solutions, including research, which may have national and international significance. This research informs the development of accessible and sustainable health services for Australia.
  • Work with their communities to build capacity to respond effectively to the contemporary challenges in rural and remote health.

Partnerships and Collaborations

The significance and influence of the Centre for Rural and Remote Health (CRRH) lies within the collaborative ethos of the organisation.


The CRRH has strong partnerships with Gidgee Healing, North West Hospital and Health Service, Central West Hospital and Health Service, Western Queensland PHN, Cloncurry Shire Council, Burke Shire Council, Richmond Shire Council, Boulia Shire Council, Lower Gulf Christian College, Australian Indigenous Allied Health Association, Apunipima, Cape and Torres Hospital and Health Service, Emerald Medical Group, CQ Rural Health, private practice and many regional private providers.


The CRRH brings a range of expertise and is strongly anchored and experienced in working in collaboration with health services and communities.

The collaborative aspect of the CRRH is evidenced through projects such as:

  • Repatriating Primary Care Presentation in ED to Primary Care
  • HWA Simulated Learning Environments Distributed Simulation Project
  • HWA NWQ Simulated Learning Environment
  • Combined Mount Isa Mental Health Service Scoping Analysis and Modelling Project
  • North West Community Rehabilitation Project
  • Potential Role of Physician Assistants in providing Indigenous Australians with health care
  • RHCE Increasing collaboration between stakeholder groups and fostering multidisciplinary team based training and joint continuing education projects for GPs, nurses, midwives, allied health professionals and ATSI health workers
  • Service Delivery and Innovation Project - Expanded Yellow Envelope
  • Headspace - Development of sustainable model through consultation, model refinement and business planning
  • Connecting Healthcare in Communities

A Commonwealth funded Department of Rural Health
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