About Us

The Murtupuni Centre for Rural and Remote Health's mission is to provide leading rural, remote, and Indigenous health research. We undertake and contribute to strategic research relevant to health workforce and health in Outback Queensland.

Our research team has gained a national and international reputation, with funding support received from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), among other Government agencies and support bodies.

We do multi-disciplinary translational research that contributes to improvements in health and health care for vulnerable and disadvantaged population groups. The Centre for Rural and Remote Health’s research priority areas are developed through consultation with key stakeholders and align with community health needs.

Key research areas:

  1. Rural Health Workforce Development: supporting the development of remote, rural and Indigenous health workforce.
  2. Health Improvement: exploring the factors associated with poor health outcomes.
  3. Health Services Improvement: developing service learning models, evaluation of health services.
  4. Innovation: developing new models of care to achieve better health outcomes.

A Commonwealth funded Department of Rural Health
in collaboration with: