Allied Health

Students can undertake placements in traditional hospital and community settings or in service learning settings established by CRRH.

Traditional Placements

The CRRH supports allied health students on placements that are hosted by local organisations. Placement opportunities include being hosted in the local hospital and health service, in community organisations and in non-government organisations. Students on traditional placements will be supervised by their hosting organization with access to all CRRH support including accommodation and participation at local community events.

Service Learning

For allied health student placements hosted by CRRH, students will be supervised by allied health clinical educators employed by CRRH. CRRH hosted Allied Health student placements are based on a Service Learning model, which you will learn more about in orientation. In the interim we welcome you to research what Service Learning is and ask more at your pre-placement discussion with your Clinical Educator.

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning placements work within an inter-professional model in which students of different professions undertake placement in the same clinical area at the same time. Your primary clinical supervisor will be of the same profession as you and throughout your placement you will also be working together with other students and supervisors of different professions.

CRRH programs include collaborations with kindergartens and primary schools, community-based organisations, the local hospital and health service, North West Community Rehabilitation Program and Weipa Community Rehabilitation and Lifestyle Service. Service Learning placements occur across the North West and Western Cape regions, including in Burketown, Mount Isa, Normanton and Weipa.

mount isa - North West Community Rehabilitation Program Student Information

Weipa - Community Rehabilitation and Lifestyle Service Student Information

Service Learning placements are supported by the service learning team:

  • Administration Officer
  • Clinical Lead, Exercise Physiology
  • Indigenous Rehabilitation Assistant
  • Clinical Lead, Occupational Therapy
  • Clinical Lead, Pharmacy 
  • Clinical Lead, Physiotherapy
  • Clinical Lead, Psychology
  • Clinical Lead, Public Health Nutrition
  • Clinical Lead, Speech Pathology

The aim of CRRH Service Learning:

Working within rural and remote communities in North West Queensland (NWQ), the Centre for Rural and Remote Health’s (CRRH) Service Learning team aims to promote local workforce development and community capacity building through the co-design and delivery of high-quality, inter-professional allied health student placements. 


  • To continually respond to the dynamic needs of rural and remote communities through the delivery of student led Service Learning programs
  • To build the capacity of local champions and health care providers through the act of mentoring, supervision, and collaboration to advance the knowledge and skills of evidenced based health care in NWQ
  • To foster a supportive team environment with the application of an inter-professional model of practice including the formalization of an inter-professional model of supervision
  • To promote the CRRH’s Service Learning programs within the Australia wide University Departments of Rural Health (UDRH) network, universities and secondary education providers in NWQ and the lower Gulf


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