Our Region

Our region of the vast minerals province, beef and agricultural industries across the North West, Central and Central West, Lower Gulf, Channel Country and the Western Cape and spans across more than 600,000 square kilometres – more than 50% of Queensland! It contains 14 local government areas with a diverse multicultural population of 45,112, of which nearly 20% are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people.

The lands on which we work  covers the country of the Kalkadoon, Lardil, Kaiadilt, Gangalidda, Ganggalida, Garawa, Waanyi, Yangkaal, Gkuthaarn, Wakaya, Bularnu, Warluwarra, Andegerebenha, Pitta-Pitta, Wangkamana, Mithaka, Yarluyandi, Karuwali, Birria, Kuungkari, Iningai, Maiawali, Guwa, Yanda, Yalarrnga, Wunumara, Ngawun, Mayi-Thakurti, Mayi-Katuna, Kukatj, Mingin, Kurtijar, Walangama, MayiKulan, Ngawun, Awngthim, Anguthimri and Yupangathi nations. (Please note it is not the intention to exclude or misrepresent traditional owners).

Participating in rural and remote placement provides opportunities that are not available in metropolitan placements. Students can develop a broader range of skills and a strong sense of teamwork.

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