Leadership Group

NARN Leadership Group

The purpose of the NARN Leadership Group is to lead, direct, provide strategic advice and feedback, and co-ordinate NARN activities in accordance with the NARN strategic plan.

The NARN Leadership Group consists of members from Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland from across the allied health professionals from the following sectors across northern Australia:

  • IAHA – minimum of two members
  • University – minimum of one per state and territory
  • Health services – minimum of one per state and territory
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community control health services – minimum of one
  • Consumers – minimum of one

The Leadership Group is co-chaired by i) an IAHA representative and ii) an academic researcher and meets via zoom on a monthly basis.

Membership of the Leadership Group is determined by members of each jurisdiction.  Membership is reviewed at the annual NARN Forum.

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